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Pool Instructions - Take More Instructions... To The Billiards Bank

One Is Never Too Old To Learn From A Master


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Pool instructions are to be sought if you want to play better than before

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You're never too old to learn pool instructions from a master. I've been partnered with top teacher Donny "Ponytail" Lutz on a variety of billiards projects from my book and DVD to teaching various students to simply partnering to win 5 pool doubles titles on recent occasions.

I heartily endorse Donny's pool instructions and methods and encourage you to take advantage of his vast and deep expertise soon...

Teaching and Learning:

Donny is a certified BCA and also an ACS Certified Instructor (the only instructor active in both organizations in Florida) and has won over 200 different 8-Ball and 9-Ball titles. You can learn much from his personal instruction and coaching.

Also known as "The Grumpy Old Coach", Donny was recently named to The Top 20 Pool Instructors by Pool & Billiard Magazine. He is available for traveling to a poolroom near you for private or group instruction.

Learn About League Play:

Donny is one of the wisest people I know on all subjects related to pool league captaining, league participation, marketing, strategy for league play, and much more.

His league news archives at his site are worth going through for instruction pieces and the chance to watch the evolution (and devolution) of typical pool leagues. Buying A Classy Cue:

Most every player I know would benefit from owning and shooting with a personal pool cue. Check out his latest classic and modern pool cues for sale.

A Trip Through Pool's Memory Lane

Another section of the site I like highlights Donny's reminiscences of great (and not so great) pool cues he has owned. Heartwarming and heartbreaking stories most players can emphasize with are to be found inside.

Keep letting us know at About.com about these and other pool and billiards sites you enjoy, and remember to take advantage of some of the fabulous pool instructions, billiards equipment, pool humor and more here at About.com.

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