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The Billiards Card Pool Drills

A Move To Better Billiards Anyone Can Do


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This is my recipe for better pool drills

Photo courtesy of MorgueFile.com
Keeping it simple for your billiards improvement this week with a unique set of pool drills that are choice and fun.

Most great athletes have two things in common--they are seeking to improve their technique and they focus on only a few improvements or changes at a time. Great billiards players always have at least a few notes they make before, during and after practice and competition.

An index card sized note is all you need for a scratch pad and to focus your mind. Here's a look at one of my latest cards:

* Elbow first leads throw to position - just decide cue ball path and calmly put it there
* Followthrough should be about the same length as backstroke - physics
* Not accelerating at beginning of break but near cue ball

This sort of detail keeping can pay tremendous dividends in your personal game. This will also help you when someone gives sage advice like "Chalk between all shots" or "Don't jump up your body during the stroke" and keep everything from falling out between your ears!


And here's an equally handy use for the card, lay it on the table as a cue ball target for your next position. The new player is trying to reach a cue ball position after the shot as large as an 8.5" x 11" letter sized sheet of paper.

The strong intermediate is working to hit that index card. The pro--a coin shaped mark the size of a U.S. quarter!

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