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Perfect Practice - An Old Softie - The Soft Touch Drill

Easy does it, and wins it, too


Perfect Practice - An Old Softie - The Soft Touch Drill

Gentle, gentle!

Photo (c) Matt Sherman licensed to About.com
Not one in 100 casual players can pull this soft touch shot off, but you can with five or ten minutes' practice. This is one of the overlooked but easy pool shots that can put your game far over the top.

Simply set the cue ball down nearby a rail or wherever you are comfortable stroking it. Hit the ball gently enough to travel the distance of one diamond along the table.

Not as simple as you thought to play the soft touch drill? Did you go way past the side pocket? Bring your bridge hand greatly forward, perhaps an inch or two from the white ball at most. Bring forward the shooting hand along the cuestick too, far forward of where you typically hold it. This "choking up" on the stick will give you added control.

Remember, to make a legal stroke there must be a smooth forward stroking motion--you are disallowed from pushing the cue ball with the tip like a broom, you must hit the ball.

This drill stroke will save you hundreds of times when a gentle defensive safety is needed. Enjoy!

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