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New Billiard Game – Use A Pneu Cue To Improve Your Billiard Game


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Pool Games

Pool Games

Photo courtesy of Pneu Power Cues
One day the thought of using the same components as a paintball gun came. I rushed out to purchase a new paintball gun to cannibalize its parts and power a cue stick. Of course, no one had ever designed a paintball gun for this application.

My next challenge? Figure how to translate a burst of high pressure gas to a powerfully and accurately moving cue tip. It was as "simple as that" (famous last words)!

Bruce Johne has revitalized creative pool games with his Pneu Power Cue invention, now available through major pool outlets. He continues his tale of invention and shows us new pool games he's invented-soon due to become new tournaments of pool games…

I needed a pneumatic engine to drive my cue stick. I began to research pneumatic cylinders and was fortunate to find a local company that specialized in all types of pneumatic cylinders and varying applications.

I arranged a meeting with the lead engineer and the VP of sales to discuss my invention. I brought with me a failed prototype to share the message of the invention I was trying to accomplish, and my newly purchased paintball gun. There would be no cannibalization of a paintball gun as its inner workings are integral to the body casting of the gun; that's no good for pool games.

We did, however, prove my theory together. We found a suitably sized cylinder to shove into the barrel port of a paintball gun. We proceeded to shoot a heavy little chunk of metal across the room with a cylinder rod. This was very exciting as I knew I was onto something for the game of pool. I went home and kept inventing.

As mentioned before, there wasn't any way to cannibalize the paintball gun and I knew that research and development on a mechanism to do the job would be cost prohibitive. So it was time to design a new kind of pool cue stick, a pneumatic cue stick to screw directly into a paintball gun. All along I'd been picturing a design with a gun-like handle anyway and here it was ready made.

Within a week I was back with my pneumatics consultants with a prototype not too far from the finished product, and it worked fairly well. Everyone present grew excited during my presentation and all advisors agreed to keep things tightly lidded until we could come to marker--that was about two years ago and production units are now available and selling well.

Q. If you had a magic wand, what kind of tournament formats or trick shot shows would use Pneu Power Cues? I've played 8-Ball and 9-Ball with one, but does this idea lend itself particularly well to new pool games?

A. That is the million dollar question, Matt. Pneu Power Cue Xtreme Billiards Gear LLC is more than our company name but a vision for the future of billiards regarding a new layer, if you will, of cue sports.

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