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Pool Sticks, Wood or Fiberglass, Perhaps?

A tale of two materials


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Pool sticks can be delightful if they are fiberglass...

Photo (c) 2008 Cuetec Cues
A reader mentions the possible differences between wood cue sticks and fiberglass, which is making a splash. We take a quick and closer look.

From personal correspondence with an About.com reader:

"I've played with a fiberglass cue for about a month and it feels like a very solid hit. I agree with what you said regarding wood cues; I don't "feel" the shot as well as if it were an all wood cue because of the bonded fiberglass..."

It's true. The fiberglass cue stick (typically fiberglass bonded in a spherical shape around a wood core inside the stick) provides very little hit feel. The balls go in but much of the "touch" is lost as with the wood cue. The wood cue is the last word for pool purists.

There is a disconnect between the stroke and the balls sinking and the actual feel of the shot. If you can navigate around it comfortably, the fiberglass cue may be for you, especially for the beginner or intermediate, for its low cost and durability.

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