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Pool Secrets - Cue Straight Or Not, Does It Matter?

Get over the hump, your cue can have a hump in it and work!


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So many pool secrets we give away at About!

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More pool secrets, and here is a pool secret about the necessity of a straight billiards cue--it's a myth!

A straight cue is not critical. I prefer crooked for the open break at times, as mentioned in “Powerful Open Breaks” in Picture Yourself Shooting Pool. One gains perspective with a pre-bent cue. The student feels a twisting flex like the pro feels on a powerful stroke with a straight stick.

The real need for great pool is a perfectly shaped cue tip. It’s claimed Willie Mosconi could use a broom to win a pool tournament; he could used a bent broom if it bore a decent tip at one end.

Another time, I spied on cheaters bending the break cue of their opponent to better gamble at “3-Ball”. The “thwarted player” made all three balls on the break with the bent stick, several times!

My pal and certified instructor Donny Lutz reminds me, however, that a cue that starts its life "nice and straight" will likely remain straight if cared for properly. So when buying a cue for myself or to re-sell, I always want it to be straight. When I buy sticks on eBay, I always ask the seller, “Do the butt and shaft both roll straight (on a pool table), both together and apart?”

I’ve debated crooked cues for years. I remember one 1992 session playing David Uwate (ACUI Champion that year). We ran 9-Ball racks with the most warped cues players could scrounge.

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