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Choosing a Cue That Sings in Your Hand!

Cues come in every color of the rainbow, in lengths from 40" to 60" or more and covered in diamonds and pearl--or just good old wood with a nylon wrap around the bottom. Discover the steps in picking a fine cue while you save money.

The Billiard Grip - "Secret In Plain Sight" Technique
The billiard grip is a classic balancing move that sets the pace for shooting pool... do you know where to grip (with both hands) naturally?

360 PureCue Stroke Trainer - A Truly Great Product
At last, an incredible training cue to change your game.

Before You Buy Your Pool Cue
Your guide to narrowing down choices and selecting the best possible custom pool cue.

Cue Weight and Length - The Holy Grail Cue Just For You!
Seeking the Holy Grail of sticks is a pastime for millions of players--but the real news is inside our story--how to find the true pool grail.

Custom Cue - Brand Recommendations From An Expert For Your Custom Cue
“Which brand or maker of custom cue should I try and buy, Matt?” is heard at many of my pool lessons. Here's what I say...

Examine the Joint
The joint on a custom cuestick is crucial to a dead solid hit. Made of steel, you can bash open a break shot or if wood-to-wood in make, stroke with confidence and maximum feel.

Light Or Heavy Cue Weight?
Use a billiard playing cue weight that is light or heavy? We show you which to choose and exactly why...

New Billiard Game – Use A Pneu Cue To Improve Your Billiard Game
The Pneu Power Cue is literally a blast for a billiard game, exotic and fun for new pool games and as a serious billiard game instructional tool.

Pool Secrets - Cue Straight Or Not, Does It Matter?
More pool secrets, and here is a pool secret about the necessity of a straight billiards cue--it's a myth! Read on and find out what must happen for a straight stroke instead.

Pro Hints On Buying Your Personal Best Pool Cue
Here are some helpful hints on buying your "best pool cue".

Sneaky Petes & House Cues
The sneakiest fellow at the pool hall isn't a person, it's a cue, and his name his "Sneaky Pete". Discover why house cues and Petes might be right or wrong for you to use.

The Cue Sticks Of George Balabushka
The Cue Sticks Of George Balabushka - a treasure for all pool players for all time...

Typical Custom Cue Dimensions
What are the typical weights and sizes in a custom cue? Which choices are right for your game?

Why Carry Your Cues? - Special Event Billiard Cues For Important Occasions
When do you bring your own billiard cues to a special event? I arranged and participated in a pool interview session and photo shoot this week for InSite Magazine, and...

Wood Pool Cues Are Where It's At
The best cues are wood pool cues, not graphite and other Space Age materials, and here's why.

Should You Use Pro Cue Sticks?
Should you use the same cue sticks as the pros? Two points to take note.

Unless soft tips help you truly pocket every ball you look at, stay clear of them and these other cue products also.

Shorter Cue Stick? Longer Cue Stick?
If you find that your backhand is closer along the cue stick toward the cue ball than 2-4 inches from the balance point, you may try this technique.

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