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Winning Pool - The Passover Plop


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Winning Pool - The Passover Plop Shot - Do You Know This Technique?
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Taking what I hope will be a winning pool stroke!

Photo (c) Matt Sherman 2008, licensed to About.com, Inc.
Winning pool? This happy accident billiards trick shot turned to a chance for some winning pool.

The game is Nine Ball, the stage has been set, and I am required to shoot the cue ball to hit the yellow 1-ball first. The balls I need to work toward, including the 2-ball, are further down table.

My thought process? Bank the 1-ball backwards, a fairly simple shot I've sunk about three thousand times with a little topspin. (I say at least 3,000 as this handy one-rail backwards bank tends to crop up at least once if not several times during a prolonged pool session. Let's say 10,000 times.)

What happened next? Can you make the prediction before turning forward to see the result?

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