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A 9 Ball Pool Happy Accident - Playing for the 2, Missing 1


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The 9 Ball Pool Attempt Begins...
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An interesting if common 9 ball pool layout

Photo © Matt Sherman 2008, licensed to About.com, Inc.
And for your viewing pleasure, (drum roll please) here's a 9 ball pool trick shot that defies the imagination -- or is it the rules of 9-ball? Read on and discover more.

You see in the illustration that the 2-ball is lined up decently for an attack directly on the 9-ball. Such a stroke on the two would instantly win this real game of Nine Ball.

This setup is from an actual game. What shot would you play on the 1-ball next on the left hand side of the table to get toward the 2?

Make your best choice before going to page 2 of this happy accident trick shot.

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