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The Stunner Not Down Under - Thrilling Trick Shots Unwanted!

This one goes there and back again, like an errant hobbit


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Trick shots are unwelcomed by accident, aren't they?

Photo (c) 2008 SKV Sports 3
When it comes to trick shots to thrill, there is little happy about this particular accident. I've had it happen to me, and you will, too, if you play pool long enough...

The announcer's call says it all, "Look at that! That ball was down! That ball was down and jumped right back onto the table! That is unbelievable. Watch this!"

Witness The Stunner Not Down Under (An Unhappy Accident)

It does look like a little much force and bottom right english may have compromised the stroke. Who can say? I've had this "happy accident" trick shot happen to me. It's no fun.

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