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The Best of the Best

Their names are legend. Their feats are scarcely believed. They are remembered forever, living or dead, in Pool's Hall of Fame.

Pool Stick High - Who Was The Best Ever With A Pool Stick?
Who is the best ever to wield a pool stick? Is there a clear way to determine the best at the sport?

Who Is The Best Pool Player, Ever?
Who do you think is the best ever to wield a cue stick? We want to know?

George "Herman" Balabushka
Fortunately for the world of pool, George Herman Balabushka lived for his cues...

Irving Crane And Other Great Players - Stories
Stories about The Deacon, Irving Crane, and other greats.

Mike “Captain Hook” Sigel
Fear the Captain. Fear him always!

Nick "Kentucky Colonel" Varner
One of the greatest ever to wield a cue, Varner is also a great gentleman and ambassador of our sport.

Pro Pool - Ten Billiards Tips Your Opponents Don't Know
These ten items came to mind recently when I was tapped for "tips from a pro pool teacher".

Ralph "The Aristocrat" Greenleaf
The greatest player ever, most Americans do not realize that even Willie Mosconi said, "Greenleaf was unequaled!"

Rudolph "Minnesota Fats" Wanderone
Minnesota Fats was a legend of pool and remains so today. Here are all his fascinating details in one place.

Steve "The Machine" Mizerak
A TV phenomenon, the Miz took on all comers and defeated them with an easy grace.

A Review Of "Titanic Thompson: The Man Who Bet On Everything"
Titanic gambled--and won--more on pool and billiards than anyone who ever lived.

Willie "Can't Top Me" Hoppe
An astounding Cushion Billiards player, Hoppe refused to drive a car when it interfered with his game...

Willie "The Mosc" Mosconi
This All-Time Pool Legend lives on in the hearts of those who know Willie's Game.

Efren Reyes - A Stunning Straight Pool Bank Shot
While this does not qualify as a "basic" pool or billiards technique, it represents a masterful Straight Pool play by Efren "The Magician" Reyes.

Straight Pool - Billiards Breaks And Scoring Records
Leave the 15th ball and the cue ball where they come to rest, and then sink this lone ball while breaking the other 14 again. Scoring 526 straight is 37 re-racks without a single miss!

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