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Pool games and best strategies


Your guide to a variety of fascinating pool games and the winning strategies and logic of the best players.
  1. 9-Ball Game Rules & Strategy
  2. 8-Ball Rules & Strategy
  3. Innovative & Classic Games
  4. Online Free Games and More

9-Ball Game Rules & Strategy

9-ball's rules are deceptively simple, as a lifetime of clever shotmaking awaits the serious sportsman.

8-Ball Rules & Strategy

Study the basics of America's most popular game, 8-ball, with an eye to learning what one in a thousand 8-ballers thoroughly understands—the strategies to set up the win.

Innovative & Classic Games

7-ball is taking America and the world by storm. Learn how to play and think through this easy and fun game.

Online Free Games and More

It's time to have a blast, yahoo! some pool and virtual billiards a bit with our instruction, hints and tips on the best and most charming online pool games.

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