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9 Ball Break Tips & Strategy


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How To Rack 9 Ball Then Break In Style
9 Ball Break Tips & Strategy

Racked for an exciting 9 ball game

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It's time to get serious about one of America's favorite pastimes--smashing through racks of 9 ball (Nine Ball). A big part of how to play 9 ball is how to rack 9 ball for optimal 9 ball strategy.

As facing the pool shooter, you are to rack the set of 9 object balls so that the even numbers go on your left hand side, the odd numbers on your right, for a fine game of 9 ball pool. The yellow 1 ball goes to the front of the rack for courtesy, making for the simplest possible hit as it must be struck first.

You need not rack 9 ball as shown with the exception of the 1 ball to the front, the 9 ball in the middle of the rack per official 9 ball rules and to prevent the nine from sinking easily out of the rack.

For more on 9 ball rules, 9 ball racking and 9 ball setup see our related story. Next, let me show you two quick ways to get more from your 9 ball rack open break.

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