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Straight Pool - A New Format For The Accu-Stats 14.1 Straight Pool Invitational

More Action, Less Filling


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With the new format, Straight Pool fun is headed indoors for sure...

Photo courtesy of Jim Arbogast/Getty Images
The new and innovative Straight Pool format for the latest Accu-Stats 14.1 Straight Pool Invitational promises lots of action for this sometimes staid game. Why not try it?

The new Accu-Stats format has a vital hook. Instead of merely breaking and running or running to X points to win at Straight Pool, perhaps with long defensive struggles in between players until total victory of 125 points is achieved, there are 60 point all-for-it shutouts allowed.

The innovation, devised by Accu-Stats' Pat Fleming, is this--a player at any time may run just 60 points for the win, and then may play the 61st ball and on for bonus--100 points is worth a $500 bonus and a 150-point run without missing a ball in pocket is worth $1,000.

The new format has made for aggressive play with fewer safeties chosen.

Intermediates who can run 10 balls or more may like the same format for their Straight Pool matches. Simply adjust the win and/or bonus targets. Ten balls (or 15, 20, however many) gets you home.

Surely, anything you can do to play more Straight Pool, the best game you can play to improve your all-around skills at pocket billiards, is welcome.

Source: Billiards News

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