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World Record Book - Learn What X Games Ahead Means and How To Get There

Figure On Staying The Course Without Falling Asleep


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Getting in the world record book is a cinch if you build endurance and stroke gently

Photo courtesy of Barb's Billiards Art
If you care about philanthropy, you should be proud of Rikki Cunningham, who helped a family in need this week, raising dollars while shooting his way into the world record book at the same time. Rikki shattered the former record set by two North Carolinans at 52 hours, 2 minutes, by shooting 8-Ball against all comers (80 of them came and went!) for over 72 hours straight!

The Guinness World Record Book standards were adhered to including 5-minute rest breaks hourly and having witnesses present at all times to record the feat. Medical staff checked in on the exhausted Cunningham's blood sugar and fatigue levels.

Going X Games Ahead

Pool marathons are far more common than you might think. It's because pool gamblers often embark on marathon sessions to get back to even or stake high in a winner-take-all race, such as going X "games ahead". For example, by seeing who can get 7 games ahead of their opponent in oh, say, Rotation Pool.

Two evenly matched gamblers might embark on this (not realizing up front they are evenly matched) and making the set an endurance race. For example:

1) You win the first game of Rotation
2) They win the second game
3) You win the third game
4 & 5) They win the fourth and fifth games
6) You win the sixth game
7) You win the seventh game
…And after 7 long games of Rotation, you've won 4 games, they've won 3 games, and you're 1 whole game ahead only in a race to get 7 games ahead!

How To Endure At The Pool Table

My mind gets tired long before my body because of the correct fundamentals being employed, such as a loose grip on the cue stick. I mean, a really loose grip. Not only does a gentle hold on the cue, good body balance, and lack of tension in my muscles help me shoot better, they help me endure longer.

And it helps to have the correct pool psychological training.

By all means, get into our pool basics section here at About.com and nose around a bit for our more advanced techniques, too, to strengthen your game by softening your play and setting the body and mind in balance.

Who knows? You might play your way into some big tournament wins or even the world record book.

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