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New Variations On 8 Ball Games

Add Extra Life To 8 Ball Play And Practice


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Take a spin with us on the old 8 Ball games you know and love

Photo courtesy of Barb's Billiards Art
There's nothing quite as much fun as adding your own "spin" (pun intended) to 8 ball games or other pool games. Jeffrey D. Richey of Cincinnati, Ohio wrote in this week to say he has been enjoying what he calls "8 Ball Deluxe" lately.

To go "deluxe" in your choice of 8 ball games, play with standard 8-ball rules, some type of local rules, or whatever you prefer, but each group must be sunk in numerical order as in other rotation billiards games. 1 thru 7 for the "low balls" or "spots" and 15 thru 9 in descending order for the "stripes" or "high balls". It helps to build solid positioning skills for regular Eight Ball.

Other have poked about with this concept before him, but as Jeffrey himself says, "It is considerably more difficult, however, as in 9-ball you know where your next shot ought to be set up. And using Ball in Hand rules alleviate some of the difficulty by allowing the lining up of two or three following shots in your run.

As with Eight Ball in general, combination shots are legal and tend to play a larger part in the game because of the greater number of balls on the table--as do the enemy balls on the table opposing the run. Pro players who can run 3 to 5 racks in Nine Ball on a regular basis find it more difficult to run as many Eight Ball racks.

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