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How To Break In 8 Ball - Breaking The 8 Ball In

8 ball on the break


How To Break In 8 Ball - Breaking The 8 Ball In

I'm almost ready to think about how to break in 8 ball

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How to break in 8 ball billiards? By which I mean, how to stroke the 8 ball in on the break?

8 ball breaks require not so much of a deft touch or sheer genius, but the will to play an unusual stroke that could win the game for you in one try (if local rules for 8 ball breaks call making the 8 ball on the break a win).

Here's a tip, reader, for knocking the 8 ball in on the break. It's a clever tip because it requires an unobvious move for sinking the 8 ball:

1) Post the white cue ball along the head string (the imaginary line two diamonds in, the closest a ball may be placed to the rack on the break) about three inches from either long rail.

2) Maintain a fairly level cue stick. Strike the cue ball a bit below dead center. Aim to hit a ball on the second row clean, without hitting the apex ball.

3) The cue ball may now kick off the side rail, after the balls have scattered apart from the 8 ball, and drive the black 8 ball into a center pocket!

Thanks again to an About.com reader for asking this pool question regarding how to break the 8 ball in promptly. Keep those questions coming by e-mail or in our forums!

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