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Last Pocket Eight Ball

Key ball control needed here


Last Pocket Eight Ball

Last Pocket Eights means two-in-one

Photo courtesy of Arthur S. Aubry/Getty Images
Try this one, Last Pocket Eight Ball, with your local "rack pack". Break and play according to all the rules of Eight Ball but you must send the 8-ball into the last pocket you sank you used to score a ball from your set of solids or stripes.

This game requires aforethought for the all-important key ball. Play carefully--you probably will not want to use a side pocket for the last scoring of the game.

Last Pocket Eight Ball was devised to slow down the end of the game on coin-operated and other tables where pay is per game rather than by the hour. With two players facing side pockets for the 8-ball, the game could take an extra 15 minutes or more for beginner, until settled by a multi-rail bank shot or perhaps a multi-rail missed shot!

Have fun and let me know what you think of this game.

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