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Learn the Subtleties of Great Pool Games

Learn exciting new games that will teach you skills to change your game for the better. Entertaining practice games are included plus new variations on old favorites, with bonus strategies and hot tips.
  1. Classic Pool And Billiards Games (19)
  2. Innovative Billiards Games (18)
  3. New Pool And Billiards Games (12)
  4. Start Beating Up On Your League Members! (13)
  5. The 8-Ball Debates (13)

Play Pool Games - Or Are They Playing You? - Which To Play?
Play pool games in your spare time? Are you more serious that that? What are the best possible pool games to play and why?

Pool Game Rule - The Pre-Sunk Pool Game Dilemma
Here’s a tricky pool game situation that required a firm grasp of the rules when the pocket had firmly grasped the cue and object balls. What to do?

World Record Book - Learn What X Games Ahead Means and How To Get There
If you care about philanthropy, you should be proud of Rikki Cunningham, who helped a family in need this week, raising dollars while shooting his way into the world record book at the same time

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