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A Stunner - Glass Pool Table Innovation Complete

A contemporary table certain to catch design fire for exotic interiors


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This glass pool table is the real thing

Photo courtesy Nottage Design
An Australian company has developed a glass pool table and created a new playing surface for billiards balls in one swoop of innovation.

The closest design that has come to matching a pure glass table was that of the two legendary transparent tables created for stalwart New York pool hall mainstay Amsterdam Billiards. AB rented their gorgeous tables before selling them to collectors, and the renters enjoyed watching the object balls sink in transparent pockets and rolling along see-through ball returns.

Nottage Designs of Adelaide, Australia, has upped the ante with a see-through cloth to play upon. An ultra-hard glass composite has been toughened to what the company calls Starphire. Atop this glass "slate" goes a surface created by Nottage, and known by the odd name of "Vitrik". The Vitrik provides woolen cloth-like play on the table, the Starphire durability and pure visibility.

Besides being a joy to behold and fantastic to watch, not seeing any cloth at all with this magnificent glass pool table underscores what I teach pool players about not looking along the length of any pool shot.

Although it comes with a hefty price tag, the Nottage G-1 Table is a stunner and so is the exotic glass cue holder that accompanies it. I'll add this table to the White House when I move in!

Source: [http://www.nottagedesign.com/]Nottage Design

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