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Pool Trick - Stack The Rack Fab-u-lous Pool Trick Shot


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Stack the rack with this unobvious yet clever pool trick stroke
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A pool trick secret I'll share with you--just "turn the page" at About.com

Photo (c) Matt Sherman 2009, licensed to About.com, Inc.
This "Stack The Rack" pool trick is simple to perform, and always good for a gasp, a girl, and perhaps a grand. To billiards, then!

Consider your options here, and the grin widening your suave smile, as you offer your competition to wager any item they care to bet that you cannot sink the 2- through 5-balls and the 6-ball with one pool stroke and without ever touching or moving the 1-ball.

Plan your moves and your wager before advancing to the next page to discover the hook that makes this simple pool trick shot work.

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