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Getting the Cue(s) Just Right for Your Game

We have in-depth information on choosing a personal cue for you, which like Little Bear’s porridge, will be just right! This topic at pool.about.com will prove priceless for you, since hundreds of cuemakers are vying for your business now, and new craftsmen introduce their wares (good or bad) into the market constantly.
  1. How to Choose Your Pool Cue (18)
  2. Modern Cue Artists (14)
  3. The Shaft (13)
  4. The Tip (10)

Cue Parts
Our handy visual guide to select cue stick components.

Design Your Own Pool And Billiards Cue
The recent Predator Cue design contest prompts us to offer you the chance to show your designs here also. This Pool and Billiards GuideSite is popular with designers and manufacturers--you never know when you will be recruited from your design shown online.See submissions

Why Buy A Pool Cue?
There are good reasons to buy a pool cue, your own personal pool cue. For one, consistency comes with using the same equipment each day.

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