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A Training Billiards Game - "Play Catch"


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Play Catch - Don't Let The Ball Get Away From Your Soft Catch
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Play catch, learn how to shoot the "old soft shoe" shot

Billiards Photo (c) Matt Sherman 2008, licensed to About.com, Inc.
Play catch in pool and billiards and get better skills, fast.

Less than 1 in 100 pool shooters can hit this stroke gently enough on the first try. Can you?

A Bridge Too Far

A key reason many players hit this one to far is their choice of a regular length bridge to the cue ball. You'll want to shorten the distance between the hand that strokes the stick and the cue ball, and move the other, bridging hand closer to the cue ball also, bringing both hands closer by about the same distance, as explained in Pool Power With Ease.

To enact a legal safety in most pool games, you must strike one of the other balls with the cue ball, driving one of the balls on the table including the cue itself to a cushion or pocket. This small, slow stroke is perfect for nudging balls already close a rail to the rail for a safety (when you like the way the balls lie on the table and don't want them to move much).

The next page illustrates how to liven your catch session with a live play catch partner.

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