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How To Play Soft (Safety) Breaks


Man shooting pool
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I'm all for pounding the break balls in during an open game. But softly also does it even for old favorites like Eight Ball and Nine Ball.

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: 5 Minutes

Here's How:

  1. Unlike the open break for this closed or safe shot you may use your personal cuestick.
  2. Chalk up the way someone applies lipstick elegantly, with an even, light coating.
  3. Place the cue ball in the kitchen in a comfortable spot to execute the break.
  4. Plan to hit the cue ball just hard enough to drive at least two balls from the rack to touch a rail. (For some pool games such as Eight Ball, four balls must touch a rail on the break or the break is considered illegal and a penalty is imposed.)
  5. Skillful breakers can leave the cue ball in a disadvantageous spot for the incoming player, perhaps nestled near a corner pocket.
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