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Hot New Tips For Pool Breaking In Billiards

When Your Break Seems Broken, Use These Moves


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Use my pool breaking tips and join the ranks of billiards champions I've trained

Photo courtesy of Monica Fox
Here are hot new tips for bettering your pool breaking, instantly, from Matt Sherman, your Guide to Pool & Billiards at About.com.

My Latest Pool Breaking Help

Fall Out Of The Gap - If there are any gaps behind the front six balls in a full rack of 15, well, that makes breaking anything in challenging - check the rack carefully here.

Get The Best Pool Breaking Equipment - By which I mean, make sure the balls are uniform - discolored balls or even differently colored balls from a cheap hall means inconsistently sized balls, and smaller or larger balls don't touch and create rack gaps.

"Turn the webpage" for more hot tips on pool breaking with power and grace...
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