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Control the Cue Ball

Having the little white ball do what you want is at the heart of great pool. Learn how with our simple pocket billiards solutions.

Aiming the Follow Stroke
The follow stroke in pool and billiards is often misunderstood. It's used too much and not on the right point of the cue ball.

Cue Ball Control - The Most Important Move
Cue ball control mastery becomes yours with this one simple move.

Cue Ball Tracker - New Product Guides Pool Players
Cue Ball Tracker - A new product to aid pool players with shot paths and aim.

Draw (The Cue) Better
Here is an exhaustive list of draw stroke techniques every pool and billiards player will want to aid them with the sometimes challenging draw stroke.

Hot New Tips For Pool Breaking In Billiards
Here are hot new tips for bettering your pool breaking, instantly.

How To Assume Your Stance At The Pool Table
Open your eyes and see on tip gap--and other tips to take you to the next level in billiards play.

How To Pool Draw - Photos of Draw Stroke Technique
How to play pool draw is the story of watching a solid model, as with these instructional high speed draw photos. Professional draw is a learned skill but you can do it. Study these photos to learn how to play draw, billiards draw and the all-important (and frequently resorted to) pool draw shot.

Pool Breaking - New Tips For Pool Breaking In Billiards
Here are hot new tips for bettering your pool breaking, instantly.

Review Of Cue Ball Control Sheets - Pool Books Reviews
Review of fine pool books including Allan Sand's "Cue Ball Control Sheets. We examine some of the best quality yet little known pool books.

Safe Breaks
Here's a break most pool shooters never consider--to their hurt. It's devastating when played at the right time on the right player!

The Draw Cross Shot
Crossing the table with draw spin (underspin) is not the first thought for many players--but it works. Check out this technique for pool and billiards.

The Draw Drag Shot
Here's a pool shot that stumps many players. How to control the cue ball and prevent it from wobbling off line? The solution is simple and elegant--if you know how.

Pool Drawing - One Loop To Improved Draw Shots
A highly effective method for pool drawing is this--take the loop of your forefinger and thumb where they guide the billiards cue stick and...

The Top Jump Stroke
What if you could develop a pool jump stroke--that would cause the cue ball to jump into the air after it strikes an object ball? Here's a simple tip to get your cue ball airborne.

Putting Your Pool Game In Order (Continued)
In my opinion the superior skills of the top Asian players can be ascribed to the fact that most of them do this one thing.

Tight Center Stroke Photos
I posed for these photos to aid you in how to play pool. Enjoy and watch your pool techniques soar through using our photo galleries here at About.com!

Understand Cue Ball Angles - The Best Billiards Tips
Get your cue ball rocking with this compendium of killer position tips.

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