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Paul Newman - Pool Players Worldwide Mourn The Loss Of "Fast Eddie Felson"


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Paul Newman with another kind of pool, at the dedication of The Painted Turtle Camp in California

Photo courtesy Giulio Marcocchi/Getty Images


Paul Newman, aka "Fast Eddie Felson"

Claim to Fame:

Star of numerous drama classics, especially the two best pool films, The Hustler also starring Jackie Gleason and The Color of Money with Tom Cruise, Paul Newman was a fine pool shooter himself.

A Legacy of Kindness and Pool:

Mr. Newman passed September 26, 2008 at his Connecticut home, following a long but brave bout with cancer. He was 83. A generous man, he established several large enterprises benefiting charity. He was fond of car racing and pool. And why not pool, with no one less than Willie Mosconi as special advisor to show him the finer points for The Hustler!

As Fast Eddie Felson:

No Paul Newman filmography or biography would be complete without inclusion of The Hustler and Money, the first lensed by Robert Rossen and the second by famed director Martin Scorsese. Newman played pool convincingly for the two films as "Fast Eddie Felson", the protagonist for the two Walter Tevis novels the films were based on. Mosconi lent a hand on Hustler for buildings Newman's game and made a rare cameo appearance also on screen.

What They'll Say 100 Years From Now:

A genteel and gentlemanly person who was strong in his morals and skills. When asked why Hollywood could not tempt him to adultery against his beloved actress spouse, Joanne Woodward, his wife since 1958, he quipped, "Why would I go out for a hamburger when I have steak at home?"
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