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Save Frustration Following Our Lead

For too long, myths have prevailed on how to inject power and style into your pool game. Enjoy the articles and step-by-step demonstrations and illustrations within. Watch your pool and billiards soar to stellar heights!
  1. An Aiming Primer (14)
  2. Assorted Techniques (20)
  3. Control the Cue Ball (17)
  4. Crazy Techniques, Or Are They? (20)
  5. Do This (13)
  6. Don't Do This (20)
  7. English (16)
  8. Enhance Your Aiming Skills (17)
  9. Enhance Your Fundamentals (15)
  10. For Advanced Players (21)
  11. Going One Step Beyond (19)
  12. In The Land Of Dead Stroke (18)
  13. Matt's Magical Workshop (15)
  14. More From The DI (3)
  15. Play for Position (17)
  16. Pro Pool Techniques (19)
  17. Specialty Shots (21)
  18. Steps To Greatness (28)
  19. Stroke Techniques (20)
  20. Super Stance (20)
  21. The Classic Stroke (18)
  22. The Drill Instructor (22)
  23. Think About This (20)

An Overcutter's Tale - Why Jane And Dick Miss Cut Shots
Why do you miss pool shots? Once upon a time, this is how our hero missed many pool and billiards cut shots.

Grip Like The Pros
Mastering the sports grip requires a precision blend of grip strength and grip flexibility. Learn how in this instruction article.

Pool Practice - Some Of My Best, Most Fun Techinques
A day of practice for pool and billiards--everyone hates pool practice! I make it fun with a few simple routines.

Demolish Your 9-Ball Pool Break
An interesting pool break question today from a devoted website reader. A fellow writes to ask if...

Secrets Of Aiming In Pool And Billiards
I'd love for all billiard players to know the truth regarding the real secrets of aiming in pool.

In The Zone
Getting in the zone is what every athlete craves, so take these moves to your game and get in the zone faster than you've dreamed possible.

Billiards Shot - Over A Dozen Tips To Improve Your Pool
Over a dozen billiards shot tips in an article that is geared to improve your pool skills.

Get Better At Playing Billiards With This Stance Tinker
Playing billiards better starts with understanding how you can tinker with your stance to build a better mousetrap (pool trap).

The Real Deal On Aiming Pool
I'm going to tell you the real story on aiming pool. This is the pro method to ensure better play at billiards.

How To Improve Your Pool Stroke - By Tiger Woods?
How to improve your pool stroke - why, use golf equipment, of course.

How To Aim In Billiards - Tried And True Tips
Here's a quick rundown of some of the aim tips and techniques I share in pocket billiards clinics and individual lessons.

Pool Practice Moves You Should (And Should Not) Do
These billiards moves will make any player stronger, instantly!

How To Slicken Your Cue Stick For Slip Shots
How to slicken your cue stick for slip shots and reverse slip shots in pool and billiards.

Pool Instructions - Take More Instructions... To The Billiards Bank
You’re never too old to learn pool instructions from a master. I’ve been partnered with top teacher Donny “Ponytail” Lutz on a variety of...

Become A Chalk Holder Of Excellence Now
A "ready chalk holder" means you are well equipped to play the great sport called "pool and billiards".

Pool And Billiards Quiz - Shape And Position
Take my quick pool and billiards quiz, these three questions will build upon your shape and position skills!

Head Aim - Get Your Head In (Out) Of The Game Correctly
The head stays down this way and the chin does NOT cover the stick this way...

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