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Play In A Pool Tournament - Get Ready With The D.I.


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Play In A Pool Tournament - Getting Ready With The D.I.
Play Pool Tournament

Get ready for a pool tournament with The D.I. now!

Illustration courtesy of The Drill Instructor
Ready to play in a pool tournament or not? Introducing a marvelous pool lesson this month from The Drill Instructor. The D.I. fills poolrooms nationwide for clinics, exhibitions and group and individual lessons. Highly recommended for your next pool event or the next time you need to check in with a qualified instructor, and get that pool stroke straightened, private! -- Matt, Your Pool & Billiards Guide

Getting Better Takes L.U.C.K.

You want to get better at pocket billiards? It takes luck. You read that right, luck, however, I seriously doubt you and I mean the same thing by the word. Maybe when you think of luck, the idea of something good happening, which you had no idea how it happened, is what comes to mind. Sorry, but that's not what I'm talking about.

Hello, fellow pool lovers:

My name is Dominic Esposito, a.k.a. The Drill Instructor. My friend Matt Sherman, About.com's Pool & Billiards Guide, has invited me to get in your face and offer you some of what others have come to regard as the best pool instructions this side of the moon. I agree with them! Starting now and until further notice, you will have the opportunity to glean from these lessons and if you get in line with what I tell you to do, in little time, you will become your opponents' worst nightmare at the pool table.

Okay, let's start with a few basics. Did you win at least one tournament last year? Did you even play in a tournament in the last year? Take out a sheet of paper and write, "I will win at least one tournament in the next year." If need be, also write, "My first goal is to play in a tournament in the next year."

Let's go on. Are you at least one or two balls better (per run) than you were at this time last year? If not, do you want to be one or two balls better at this time next year? Then you need to write that down. If you intend to do any of the things I just spoke of you need to first make a written plan and get started. If I'm going to start investing in you, I expect you to do no less. If you don't, you cannot shoot pool with LUCK as I will teach you, too.

Go to the next page to complete the drill or read more about The D.I. at Learn All 10 Ball Speeds And More With The Drill Instructor
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