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The Tip Kick System


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Pro Skill Drill 3 - The Tip Kick System
Pro Skill Drills

The Drill Instructor--he's ready to drill you!

Illustration courtesy of TheDrillInstructor.us
Another fabulous installment from The Drill Instructor this month! You can have the pool game you desire. The D.I. will show you how to drill in good habits. Shots will appear in your mind and disappear quickly into the pockets. -- Matt Sherman

The Tip Kick System To Make Tough Shots Simple

This month I want to teach you the first part of my Tip Kick System. The shots as diagramed in this article include the kinds of workouts I used to turn pro at a young age, but they'll enhance your billiards skills no matter where you are now.

The entire Tip Kick System can be found as a bonus drill at my pro shop under my Volume 1 - 54 Practice Drills (available as a book or as a DVD) and again in Volume 8, Time Out Pool League Shots as part of my Pro Skill Drills Series.

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