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Rotation Order Billiards Drill


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Rotation Order Billiards Drill - Have Fun And Get Better
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Let The Drill Instructor "get 'er done" in record time to improve your billiards skills

Illustration courtesy of The Drill Instructor
What kind of drill can you do to make the most of your time? Something just like the following fits the bill. I'm convinced this is a fun drill as much as any of the drills at this site. Stick with it!

When my kids were young, we'd do something similar called "Daddy's On One". The children would place a ball on the table, I'd sink it, and they'd add balls, one each rack, until I could clear all 15 from the table. The issue was as little ones they'd stick them in front of the pockets but soon learned to place them in clusters and along the rails almost all the time!

Let Dom Esposito guide you this month to new heights as you exchange my little drill for a much smarter and more fun way to build your skills. -- Matt Sherman, Pool and Billiards Guide

This is a great New Year's Resolution Drill that I love for you pool students. I, The Drill Instructor, personally promise that this drill will make you at least one ball better within 30 days--so long as you keep your promise to me to stay focused.

It's very common for people to agree to a deal on the front end. It's on the back end when most people break down from their commitment. Here's what we're promising each other:

I'll teach you a drill that will make you run out better than you currently do if you'll promise to do this drill every day for 30 days. If you can keep your promise, I know mine is in the bag.

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