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Banking Drills You Can Take To The Bank...


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Banking Drills You Can Take To The Bank... Ching! Ching!
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Illustration courtesy of The Drill Instructor
Regular and reverse bank shots applying The Drill Instructor's skill to the strokes you can do for great billiards.

Let me start by recommending to you the new phone app for The Drill Instructor's terrific billiards drills. As featured in the illustration on this page, The Drill Instructor's teaching is endorsed by Pool & Billiard Magazine, and a variety of equipment sponsors along with the legendary Nick Varner, Hall of Fame member and World Champion in a variety of billiard games. -- Matt Sherman

Banking Drills You Can Take To The Bank… Ching! Ching! $$$

This month's fine entry from The Drill Instructor features two shots and two ways to shoot them for four power drills that can send you to the winner's circle. Shots 1 & 3 are direct to the corner pocket, while shots 2 & 4 will come in handy if your opponents ball is blocking the corner pocket.

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