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How To Aim - When To Aim

This Is The Problem That Makes Most Billiards Players Miss


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How to aim? From above the balls or below is my challenge to you...

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How to aim? The question of the day is WHEN to aim.

I'm going to give you the answer, and it's a simple pool process, but most players who come to me for lessons are doing it wrong to begin.

How To Aim - When To Aim

The Theory: It is absolute death to accurate shotmaking to waggle, wiggle and jiggle the cue in any way after you are in your full shooting stance.

Why? Because when bent into the correct stance as outlined on this siteyou should be getting a parallax or inaccurate view of the shot. In other words, I've personally lined up my students exactly for their next shot and in the correct stance before asking them "Are you lined up right?" and they usually say "No!"

If they then pull the trigger and trust me by making a straight stroke, the ball falls in the hole.

Based on head and eye positions and etc. most players SEE the correct line as if their cue stick is crooked on the line when bent into the stance!

The Cure: Take aim while standing erect above your chosen shot line. DO NOT under any circumstances fiddle with aim after setting the cue stick on the aim line/shot line BEFORE you bend to shoot.

Certainly, trust the aim you decided on above the table, pull the trigger after a few warmup strokes and shoot. Otherwise you will never learn whether your aiming choices are correct to begin.

Only if you pick your aim line "from the air above the table" then put the cue there and get into the stance to play that line WITHOUT trying to re-find the line in the stance will you develop in pool and billiards. This is a must do when learning how to aim.
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