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Don't Do This

Don't do this at the pool table and you're sure to come out a winner.

2 Wrongs Make Me Wrong - The Right Stance Solutions
Go for it as long as you don't do these two things when shooting pool...

Billiards Skills - 5 Myths That Can Destroy Your Skills
Get your billiards skills under control and avoid these awful mistakes. Learn from the best, the tools of the top pool pros and teachers.

Body Interference Out Of The Pool And Billiards Stroke
Getting your body not to interfere with the pool stroke need not take a lifetime. Do this but don't do that!

Coke Bottle - A Lousy Tool To Groove Your Stroke - Here's A Better One
Why using an old pool bottle is a bad idea. Groove your billiards stroke using our recommended tool instead.

Expert Advice For Typical Pool Problems
Advice for typical pool problems from a leading pool expert

Eyesight Aiming - A Key To Guide All Shooting Sports
There are numerous myths in pool and billiards concerning the topic of eyesight aiming, myths that will affect your abilities in other shooting and ball/stick sports. It’s imperative your eyesight is accurate or you will 1) miss shots 2) get aches and pains from straining muscles to bring the head into an incorrect, unbalanced position.

Fun And Instructive Pool And Billiards Trivia Quiz
Take our trivia quiz and enhance your knowledge of pool with our instructional articles.

Going Mental
The last frontier for pool man to explore is the mental plane. A look at why pool's greatest have stopped thinking.

"Jump Cue" Movement - Sometimes Good, Sometimes Deadly
The worst kind of jump cue motion could also be the best. Study the hall of fame pool and billiards greats.

How To Aim - When To Aim
When discussing how to aim, the question most players answer wrong is when to start the aim process.

Carabao Reasons - 2 Wrong Ways And 1 Right Way For Shooting P…
Shooting pool with english, you are likely to miss your target or miscue without using the methods I describe. Here are reasons to shoot with carabao english or parallel english.

Billiards Throw - Real Or Baloney?
Throw in billiards drives pool players nuts. Forget compensating for billiards throw, this article teaches how to end it.

Dominant Eye Pool - Does It Work Or Not?
Does the dominant eye play a pivotal role in pool? I say it doesn't, here's why and here's how to best aim in pool and billiards.

How To Play Billiards - Two Total Stroke Killers You Should Know
When learning how to play billiards your best, you should be aware of these two destroyers--absolute stroke killing moves to avoid!

Ghost Sighting Improvement - Stay Off The Runway!
Here's a strong tip for improved "ghost sighting" in pool. Stay off the runway!

How To Straighten Your Pool Stroke
How to straighten your pool stroke by avoiding the errors common to many players.

Shoot Pool - How To Best The Best Players - Shoot Pool
Shoot Pool - How To Best The Best Players - Shoot Pool

Shooting Pool Accurately - No Poked Stroke
Shooting pool accurately involves a smooth, non-poked stroke. Here's 4 ways to do it...

The Pit And The Pendulum
"The Pit And The Pendulum" is aptly describes one of the key issues facing pool and billiards players.

When You Think You've Aimed Right But Haven't - A Pool Shot Technique
A common pool shot technique blunder is to be just off your aim target—oh your stick is pointed straight ahead through the center of the cue ball—but you are not aimed to where you think you are aimed...

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