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Best Ever Player--Preach It!

You can look at other sports and argue who is the best player who ever lived. Take golf, for example, and Brent Kelley's Guide to the 5 Best Players Ever. Specific changes in golf equipment (machine precision and technologically advanced clubs and balls, and longer but more pristine/smooth courses) make it arguable whether, say, a 1960's pro would compare with a 1990's pro exactly.

But in pool and billiards, though the equipment is much the same, it's the game itself that has changed! Rather than endless rounds of Straight Pool or Carom Billiards, the pros have switched almost exclusively to Nine Ball, so how may they be ranked between the generations? Pictured here is Ralph Greenleaf, who dominated the sport of billiards through the 1920's. Willie Mosconi himself said he did not compare to Mr. Greenleaf's skills.

Can we finally rank the greatest players of all time conclusively? How about it, About.com readers? Let's hear who you feel are the greatest male and female pros, money players, pool teachers and billiards hustlers--of all time!

Reply with your comments on this blog or at the links above and below this story.

Best Ever Player, Already!

Ralph Greenleaf photo courtesy of All About Pool to this, the 38th entry in 365 pool rant blogs.


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