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Does It Feel Dirty? It Should Feel Good!

Wednesday May 28, 2014

billiards-deflection.JPGDirty pool never felt so good:

Dirty, Dirty No Longer, My Friends

Illustration courtesy of the Drill Instructor

Banking While The Bank You Mind Is Open

Tuesday May 27, 2014

pool webGet your subconscious trained using this simple, friendly technique, and reap immense dividends for your pool game:

Banking While The Bank You Mind Is Open

Photo courtesy of All About Pool

Who Cares About Pool Lessons?

Friday May 23, 2014

trick shot poolWhat do you know about why you should get a pool lesson? And who cares?

What Does Bo Know About Billiards Lessons?

Photo courtesy of TrickShotTim.com

Choosy Pool Shooters Choose Cue Lengths

Friday May 23, 2014

custom cue stickChoosy shooters choose everything:

Short Or Long Pool Cues - Can They Help You?

Photo courtesy of Hercek Cues

What You Learn Might Shock You

Monday May 19, 2014

Christian Sticks

Do you truly need a straight pool stick? What you learn may shock you:

Playing Around With Warped Pool Sticks

Photo courtesy Tommy Kennedy

Play One Pocket, Get Better At Pool

Wednesday May 14, 2014

One Pocket MovesHave you "gotten into" One Pocket at all? It's an intense game that will require nerves of steel, shot making and deep thinking. And it will improve your other billiard game skills:

Better One Pocket Moves, All The Right Ones

Illustration courtesy of The Drill Instructor

Get Owners To Get Better Pool Hall Equipment

Friday May 9, 2014

pool hall equipmentAre you tired of sad equipment? These folks are and got it fixed. Here's how:

Get Better By Getting Better Equipment At Your Local Pool Hall

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Synching Mind And Body In Billiards

Tuesday May 6, 2014

Billiards Balls, BabyGet your mind AND body on one page, together in the pool stroke and you'll be well on your way to greatness:

Synching Mind And Body In Billiards

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Don't Shaft Yourself When Fixing Your Cue

Tuesday April 29, 2014

shaft yourselfDon't hurt your cue when you try to help it. More tips today or self repairs and professional cue repairs.

Fix The Shaft And Ferrule Correctly

Photo (c) Matt Sherman, licensed to About.com, Inc.

Cue Tip Tips!

Monday April 28, 2014

cue tip babyCue tip tips for your tip(s) today are at:

Cue Tips And Specialty Cues

Photo (c) Matt Sherman, licensed to About.com, Inc.

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